cashless automatic payments cashless automatic payments

The cashless payment solution of® is a payment method specially developed for education, sports clubs, healthcare, company restaurants, cities and government, retail and hospitality.® uses smart identification (such as a card, wristband or even the palm) and is a contactless payment solution. The® cash register recognises the card or wristband and determines the amount to be paid (eg a student pays a different rate than a visitor) and also immediately charges this amount on the digital wallet.® is easy to use on vending machines, cash registers, copy machines, access control and many other devices.


  • Very fast payments
  • Very high safety
  • No cash
  • Smart payments (using different rates)
  • Fewer cash registers (queues are falling due to fast payments)
  • Less administration
  • Very clear reporting
  • Prognosis possibilities
  • Link to accounting

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