Ticket sales

Ticket sales

Simple, efficient and fast ticket sales!

The 'ticketing' module has been specially designed for simple, efficient and fast ticket sales. The basis, depending on the application, is the graphic room plan of each ticketing event.

Via an efficient editor, you can quickly and very easily insert rows, grades, zones and seats and multiple room plans can be created. This plan shows the availability of the seats based on color-coding. Depending on certain settings, seats can have various statuses, such as 'paid', 'reserved', 'subscription', 'blocked', 'in option'.

When creating a show or event, various parameters are important such as place, time, number of visitors, description, various financial details and the price structure. Subscription rates and various discounts can also be applied.

Tickets can be sold via the cash register, a payment kiosk and via the internet. The room plan is integrated in the touchscreen cash register screen and immediately shows the cashier the availability and prices. Payments are made by cash, payment card, gift voucher, collection and / or invoice. Multiple seats for one event can be easily and quickly selected and a reservation can include tickets for multiple events and multiple people.


- Extensive internet options linked to various payment options (collection, payment card, internet banking, invoice)

- Integration of the 'accommodation reservations' module

- Reporting and Business Intelligence

- Easily create room plans yourself

- Defining activities, places and maximum number of visitors

- Full price structure and discount system

- Seat reservation is easily done via a graphic plan, via the cash register and / or payment terminal

- Continuous indication of the number of free places and occupancy rate

- Possibility of creating pitches

- Integrated with the 'Uitdatabank'

- Clear overview by using a colour code for seats in option / paid / free / subscription / blocked / reserved, ...

- Ticket sales at the cash desk via touchscreen guarantees smooth operation. The cash register is integrated with POS material such as a cash drawer, ticket printer, customer display, Boca printer, touchscreen and payment terminal

- Numerous overviews, reports and statistics complete this module

- Seats can be blocked with various statuses

- Full cancellation policy and waiting lists

- Series events and recurring events can easily be created

- Different ticket layouts possible per show

- Debt collection and invoicing link; integration with more than 45 financial applications

- Extensive CRM options, reports, statistics, mailings and BI

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