Companies with corporate cafeteria/catering services

Companies with corporate cafeteria/catering services


In a time where businesses strive for efficiency and optimization, managing internal facilities such as company restaurants, catering services, and access control is a crucial aspect. Alfa-Zet Systems has completed several projects where comprehensive automation solutions were implemented to streamline and enhance all aspects of the company restaurant, payments, and access.

Project Description:

Cash register systems and payment options: Alfa-Zet Systems has installed intelligent cash register systems, allowing employees and visitors to effortlessly order and pay for meals. Integrated payment options such as the Ping.Ping closed payment system, Payconiq, and Bancontact provide users with flexibility and convenience.

Price differentiation and benefits: Through a central management platform, price differentiation and special benefits can be set based on different user categories, such as employees and visitors. The cash register and kiosks automatically recognize the user's price category when scanning the badge.

Smart kiosks for orders: To minimize waiting times and improve the ordering experience, smart kiosks have been implemented. Employees and visitors can quickly and efficiently place their meal orders and payments.

Digital menu display: Digital screens are placed at strategic locations in the company restaurant to display the daily menu, including prices and special offers. This ensures transparency and clarity for all users.

Online ordering system: A user-friendly online ordering system allows employees to pre-order meals or sandwiches via their phone or computer and pick them up at a chosen time. Additionally, smart lockers (cooled/heated) are available to safely store orders and automatically release them to the right person when scanning the staff badge.

Payment at vending machines: All vending machines are equipped with payment modules that work with the staff badge, allowing employees to easily make payments for snacks and drinks via the Ping.Ping system at a discounted rate, while visitors use Payconiq at the regular rate. Additionally, the coffee machines are equipped with an intelligent system where employees can enjoy three free coffees per day. From the fourth coffee onwards, it becomes payable at a discounted rate.

Access control to parking and building: Alfa-Zet Systems has implemented advanced access control systems to manage access to parking lots and buildings, including a backend rights system for managing user rights.


Thanks to the comprehensive automation solutions provided by Alfa-Zet Systems, companies can transform their company restaurants, facility services, and access and increase operational efficiency. By using advanced technologies and innovative solutions, Alfa-Zet Systems helps companies provide a seamless dining experience for their employees and visitors, while optimizing costs and increasing productivity.

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