Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities

In a healthcare environment, it is vital to have efficient and advanced solutions for managing facilities such as cafeterias. Alfa-Zet Systems has recently completed a project where comprehensive automation solutions were implemented to improve and streamline cafeteria management in healthcare facilities.

Project Description:

Cash register system and automatic invoicing: Alfa-Zet Systems introduced advanced cash register systems in the cafeterias of healthcare facilities, allowing patients, visitors, and staff to easily order and pay for meals. The cash register system can also be linked to an automatic invoicing system, enabling invoices to be generated and processed automatically.

Payment with badge and money charging: To simplify the payment process, patients and staff can pay with their internal badge at vending machines and kiosks, as well as at the cafeteria's cash register. Additionally, they can charge money onto their internal card, ensuring they always have sufficient balance to pay for meals and snacks.

Balance overview: Patients and staff can also check their balance on their internal card via an online platform, keeping them informed of their available credit.

Access control: Alfa-Zet Systems has also implemented access control systems for parking lots and rooms within healthcare facilities, allowing only authorized personnel, patients, and visitors access to the facilities. In addition to access control to the cafeteria, Alfa-Zet Systems has also implemented access control systems for other locations within the healthcare facility, such as meeting rooms and offices. This enhances security and ensures that patients and staff only have access to the areas they are authorized to enter.


Thanks to Alfa-Zet Systems' integrated automation solutions, healthcare facilities can manage their cafeterias more efficiently and improve the overall user experience. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative approaches, Alfa-Zet Systems helps healthcare facilities provide a seamless and convenient dining experience for their patients and staff, while streamlining and optimizing operational processes.

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