Public pools

Public pools


In the world of public swimming pools, efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount. However, traditional systems for ticket sales, access control, and customer management can present challenges. Long queues at the cash registers, limited options for ticket purchases, and a lack of personalized benefits for frequent swimmers are just some of the obstacles that swimming pools face. Alfa-Zet Systems offers innovative automation solutions to address these challenges and enhance the overall experience for both administrators and swimmers.

Project Description:

In recent projects, we have implemented an integrated system that addresses various aspects of pool management, from ticket sales to access control and customer management.

To streamline ticket sales and reduce long queues, we introduced smart kiosks that allow swimmers to quickly and easily purchase tickets, manage subscriptions, and unlock special offers. This allows pool visitors to reserve and pay for their access tickets in advance, saving them valuable time upon arrival.

Furthermore, we have integrated the Ping.Ping closed payment system, allowing frequent swimmers to enjoy personalized benefits and price differentiation. By using their personal Ping.Ping accounts, these swimmers can top up funds and enjoy exclusive discounts, priority access, and other rewards, enhancing their swimming experience.

Our access control system ensures that only individuals with valid tickets or subscriptions gain access to the swimming facilities, while smart lockers provide a secure storage solution for personal belongings. Additionally, thanks to our advanced customer management system, pool administrators can easily manage reservations, track facility usage, and access financial reporting.


Thanks to these integrated automation solutions, swimming pools can operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves from competitors by providing an exceptional swimming experience. With Alfa-Zet Systems, swimming pools can adapt to the changing needs of their customers while increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

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