Secondary schools, colleges, and universities

Secondary schools, colleges, and universities

Project Description:

Alfa-Zet Systems has completed several ambitious automation projects for secondary schools, colleges, and universities aimed at improving operational efficiency and enhancing the overall student experience.

Registration and Access Control:

To enhance campus security and streamline access processes, Alfa-Zet Systems has implemented advanced access control systems. These systems utilize technologies such as RFID cards and QR codes for seamless access to campus facilities and buildings. Students and staff use their badges to access various areas on campus.

Ping.Ping Closed Payment System:

The project also includes the implementation of the Ping.Ping closed payment system, specially designed for small amounts to avoid unnecessary transaction costs. Students can easily top up their Ping.Ping account at the kiosk, via bank transfer, or through Payconiq. With the Ping.Ping system, users always have an up-to-date overview of their balance and transactions. Payments can be made in the school cafeteria, at vending machines, at kiosks, in the library, at the copy machine, at the administration office, and so on.

Price Differentiation Based on User Groups:

Together with the Ping.Ping payment system, price differentiation based on different user groups has been implemented. When swiping the badge, the system immediately recognizes the user and automatically applies the correct price based on the user category. This ensures an efficient and personalized payment process for students and staff, or for regular students and boarding students.

Sandwich Reservation App:

Some schools also utilize a convenient reservation app that allows students to order and pay for sandwiches prior to their school day.

Administration Management Platform:

For school directors and administrative staff, a comprehensive management platform has been introduced, including reporting capabilities.


Thanks to the implemented automation solutions, schools can optimize their operational processes, enhance the student experience, and improve overall efficiency. Alfa-Zet Systems remains committed to delivering innovative technological solutions that contribute to the growth and development of the education landscape.

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