Intelligent lockers

Intelligent lockers

At Alfa-Zet Systems, we offer intelligent lockers for various applications. Our lockers are equipped with the latest technologies and offer numerous benefits.

The operation of our intelligent lockers is simple. The user scans their code or badge on the locker screen and the locker opens automatically. This can be done with different types of codes, such as QR codes, pin codes, or even biometric with palm scanning (Palmki). Our lockers are also equipped with smart sensors that detect whether something is in the locker or not. This ensures that the lockers are never unnecessarily in use and are used efficiently.

Our intelligent lockers offer various functions. For example, they can be equipped with cooling or heating for storing food or medicines. They also offer the possibility to receive or send packages, so that customers can pick up their orders whenever it suits them.

Our lockers are suitable for various applications. For example, they can be used in offices, schools, sports clubs, hospitals, and train stations. This ensures that customers have access to their belongings anytime, anywhere, and that there are no unnecessary waiting times.

Our intelligent lockers offer numerous benefits. They improve the safety and security of belongings, ensure efficient use of space, and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, they offer opportunities for additional income through the rental of lockers to third parties.

In short, at Alfa-Zet Systems, we offer intelligent lockers with various functions and applications that offer numerous benefits for both users and lessors.

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