Online ordering module

Online ordering module

The online ordering module of Alfa-Zet Systems is the perfect solution for companies to set up their own digital store, where employees or customers can quickly and easily place orders via a web application.

The ordering module offers many advantages over traditional ordering methods. Employees or customers can easily search, order and manage products from their own workplace or from their home, without having to go to a physical store. In addition, the ordering module streamlines the ordering process and reduces administrative work, as orders are automatically registered and tracked.

The administrator of the ordering module has complete control over the ordering process. He can easily review and approve all orders from users, after which the purchasing department can check whether the goods are in stock and/or whether additional orders need to be placed with a supplier. This means that the entire ordering process is streamlined and there is less chance of errors.

The online ordering module can also be linked to ERP systems such as SAP or Navision. This automatically places and processes orders in the system, further streamlining the ordering process and reducing the risk of errors.

Another major advantage of the ordering module is the import module. This allows companies to easily and quickly upload their range of products automatically. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors that can arise from manually entering products.

In summary, the online ordering module of Alfa-Zet Systems offers many benefits for companies that want to streamline and make their sales more efficient. It provides a fast and user-friendly way to order products and the management of the ordering process is simple and clear. With the link to ERP systems and the import module, the module is also very flexible and scalable.

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