® closed user group payment solutions® closed user group payment solutions

Cashless payments with® is an innovative payment method specially developed for education, sports clubs, healthcare, corporate restaurants, cities and municipalities, retail, and hospitality. It uses smart identification such as badges, wristbands, or even the palm of the hand.® is a smart contactless payment solution capable of determining the payment amount based on the user (e.g. students pay a different rate than visitors) and immediately deducting the amount from the digital wallet.

With®, you can not only pay at checkouts but also at vending machines, copiers, coffee machines, and many other devices. It offers many advantages such as fast and secure cashless payments, smart payments with different rates, fewer checkouts and administration, clear reporting, forecasting possibilities, and integration with accounting.® is the solution for organizations looking for a safe, efficient, and user-friendly payment method for their employees or regular customers.

  • Very fast payments
  • Very high security 
  • No cash 
  • Smart payments (using different rates) 
  • Fewer checkouts (queues decrease due to fast payments) 
  • Less administration 
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Forecasting possibilities 
  • Integration with accounting

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